Naidoo and Associates

Leading transformation through creativity and complexity

Peope always come first. We firmly beleive that people have both the capacity to retain integrity and authenticity  in a world where identity, relationships and communication interact in complex ways.

" dont talk about being bullied cause it makes you a victim...."

Health and Education for Life - Liverpool

We are currently developing our website. With a lot to organise including video. We will  get there. Please contact us if you need to by clicking on our names.

Both Marian and Shaun attract international as well as national collaborations in a broad spectrum of work that contributes and links into an exciting array of research networks and fieldwork.

Through our work we have developed new methods of qualitative research, collaboration, and co-creation.

Naidoo & Associates bring a dynamic synthesis of skills to people and people in organisations. We specialise in organisational development, research and learning using complexity and creativity together. Both Shaun and Marian have over the years established a wealth of experience and have developed pioneering expertise in education, theatre for development, health care and health care improvement in both the UK and in other countries. Using combinations of collaborative, creative and action and inclusional research methods the team  help others explore  the ‘soft areas’ of 'people experience' within organisations and systems that have the greatest potential for change which then  become significant determinants in the development of cultures within organisations.

Much of our work applies complexity science, living educational theory, inclusional practice and creativity to activities of system redesign and organisational development often using a diverse range of creative techniques and approaches.

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